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  Finer living through idelogy
The NY-times let you know that happiness now overrides all other considerations.
The goal, according to the article" is to return to a richer definition of the word happiness." Well, pass out the crack rocks its happiness time, heroin here I come. I never saw Jimmy as happy as when he had the needle in his veins.

Of course to go along with un-restricted happiness is the need for Gays to be happy.
Political and business leaders in places like Liverpool and Manchester, Cleveland, Baltimore and Detroit while faced with population decline of 30 to 40 per cent over the past half century, have created programms to lure gays, bohemians and young “creatives” to their towns. Using research drawn largely from the dot-com era of the late 1990s, people insist the key to urban success lies in attracting groups homosexuals. The only original I could find is this google cached copy and some refs.

I'm so glad everyone is telling me about how to be happy. If they want me to be happen then tell me why being black is more important than a 4.0 for college. Ohh yea. If you let in only the brilliant, then you produced bookworms and bench scientists: you end up socially irrelevant. And thats why I went to college, To be socially relevent.

“Above a reasonably good level of mental ability, above that indicated by a 550-600 level of S.A.T. score, the only thing that matters in terms of future impact on, or contribution to, society is the degree of personal inner force an individual has.”

550? 550? I got that on my verbal and math by themselves,geeze, you get 400 for filling out your name correctly. "Personal Inner Force"..You can't even define what that means much less how to quantify and measure it. Nice to see the liberal halls pumping out sewage graduates.
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