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  British Muslims declare new jihad

Sheikh Omar Bakri is still spreading his message of murder. From Ynet News, with thanks to Jihad Watch News Editor Eric Schwappach:

A declaration of war on Britain and the West is continuing to be issued by British Muslims in the United Kingdom, as the pro-jihad message of Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, recently banned from Britain, is echoed by his followers who have remained behind.

Bakri, who is now based in Beirut, once headed the al-Muhajiroun group, linked to the 2003 terror attack on the Mike’s Place Bar in Tel Aviv. The suicide bomber behind that attack was a British Muslim.

Using internet sermons, recordings, videos and documents, followers of Bakri, who say they are in touch with the Lebanon-based preacher, call on British Muslims to join al-Qaeda and to carry out acts of terrorism.

Ynetnews has monitored late night chat room sessions on the Paltalk chat network, used by Bakri six months ago to declare war on Britain.

“We’ve always had these two camps,” said the chat room’s administrator, “Mizaan,” in the early hours of Tuesday morning, in a room called “The Muslims in the UK.”

Mizaan, who told listeners “that is my real name,” said: “There is the camp of Islam and the camp of Kuffar (non-Muslim). Today we still have these two camps. And today there is the camp of Islam behind Sheikh Osama Bin Laden, the emir (leader) of jihad today, and we have the camp of kuffar led by George Bush with his cross. So yes we are two distinct groups, and we should never stand with the kuffar.”

“Islam is better than everything and it will rule over the whole world, whether the kuffar likes it or not,” declared Mizaan. “We will always glorify killing the kuffar in the name of Allah. To raid the kuffar in the name of Allah. Even if some women and children are caught in the raid by accident. They are part of them, it is not your fault.”

Read it all.
Alright you must be someone who is looking at world affairs from violence ,i believe there could be anotrher reporter who could tell world time from sex because i can tell you the global situation from drugs.SinoAnglais trade was disrupted and at best years they announced 'we cant connect because Nazis are wunding Europe 'at another best time they announced to Reagan' ..........................]
However you attribute all the violence to muslims while the pouring of violence doesnt really show in thier culture as much as Christian Aristocracies or Christian Far Right Capitalists .Muslim movies show killing but not as much as Hollywood can show violence .Where do you feel like tackling issues from root or surface.News machines add 'sensation'and it pays back.What if the next President of USA is a Publisher Dan Qualle you feel all that media has covered in the past 25 years will ever then be accounted ,will the International Regime which you feel is paying and using the 'Islamic'clergy to announce a 'i dunn it' at London Bombing .Haha you must be a quuer! The International regime forced annonce Osama Bin Laden as masterbrain behind Newyork Twin Tower incidents ,you havnt read Nasrad and your committing his future to a democratic fight to bring down a despotic regime in his country and revive sanity? while you should investigate why are Third World Regime Leaders only recieving aid dollars in form of weapons ? So what is your answerr to regimes? Mr Clinton and Mr Blair had HeartAttacks 'Bird' phrrr but they couldnt reach the cat size a embarrasment the size of a bird while Cat brings Cancer? how many rich regime members are dying from cancer or going to get burnt because they swallowed a Goat to rule from new and ended up cinder. Accountability is always on. The publisher is planning to come in with a embarrasment the size of a HORSE which will sustain the goat and cat and ofcourse 'bird''to die with Regime Governments of both North and South of this Planet ..like Moses said'rest of them'
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