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  Blogging for purpose
I have to wonder as I wibble through the wobbly web, What is my purpose here. Well blogging isn't my entire internet time waster.
I invite you to look at my Wikipedia article on Asteroid deflection strategies.
You wouldn't believe the kind of shit that ends up at the Wiki.

"Cynics suggest that nuclear scientists are simply trying to find new excuses to keep nuclear missiles around, and to keep 'improving' them, as their careers have been endangered since the end of the Cold War."

Its nice to see that mastery of the atom, the crowning achievement of mankind's mastery of energy and matter is nothing more than waste of time since the cold war. I'm sure the Russians, Chinese, N.Koreans and such would love nothing more that the US's not keeping its Nukes. Those are the people that have no idea the lap of luxury they live in was provided in large part to nuclear weapons. Now that WW3 never happened and the communist threat of world domination is over its easy to sit back and hurl insults at our saviors. Those nuclear scientists are our freedom's savior, its just too bad people's shortsightedness prevent them from seeing the obvious, another saving by nuclear weapons.

My profile will show most of my works. None all are really such liberal bashing as the asteroid topic but nevertheless I endeavor to actually putting in fact so liberal can't redact and change history. I guess FSM is really the way of the future. Agree that fact don't matter, make up some crap and there you go: Liberal dogma- a new darkage.
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