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Even to this day, I still hear from people, especially liberals, that we lost the Vietnam War. Well, let's look at some facts here.

First, the United States never even declared war on Vietnam. Second, we left Vietnam after intense bombing by the Airforce shocked the North Vietnamese into coming to the table and negotiate an end to the fighting. After the peace, they failed to keep this accord, and took over the South. That means, South Vietnam was lost after America left. America never surrendered, we only withdrew after the peace accords.

It may have been a political loss, but we won militarily.

Look at the numbers:

600,000 Vietcong soldiers died compared to 50,000 U.S. Soldiers. Besides, the American Military never lost a single battle to North Vietnam.

The simple fact is America did not lose the Vietnam War. If the Democratic congress had allowed Richard Nixon to fully unleash the power of the U.S. Military, Vietnam would be a Democracy right now. Stupid liberals.

Thanks to Boots on the Ground for reminding me about this.

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