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  Recipe for disaster
Bank starts to offer Muslim-only mortgages.

First off, where my Jew only mortgage. If there was a Catholic only mortgage maybe someone would care. Secondly, she says:

"Why am I forced to pay twice as much to keep with my religious beliefs?"

Why are you killing my people to keep your beliefs?

I like the fact the author points out "Koranic law forbids the payment or receipt of interest, in theory to prevents a culture of debt slavery" is funny knowing the worst traffickers in slaves were Moors. Its too bad people don't look into those differences and what they entail instead of just acquiescing to the unknown.

"The biggest barrier to developing so-called Islamic financing in the United States is the absence of a secondary market."

Well no shit Sherlock. We're being attacked by Muslims on a daily basis and now were supposed to back their crazy money laundering scam? I wonder if there's any mention of Takiya in there. I know I don't want to be an investor when some Muslim calls "al-Hudaybiyah" and blows up the house.

It would be nice for the reporter to give actual details but rough speculation her specialty.
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