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  Prepare to sacrifice your life for liberal causes
Which would you rather die for?

Freedom and democracy for the 3rd world, or

Gun control to allow domestic thieves free rein.

According to the arguments of gun-control advocates, Britain should be safe and crime free now that all hand guns are outlawed. But, alas, violent crime and robberies have skyrocketed. Gunfights between rival immigrant gangs have caused a revolution in British policing. In Robin Hood's Nottinghamshire, constables now patrol in pairs armed with semi-automatic pistols. They are backed up by armed-response vehicles (ARVs) stocked with submachine guns.

How gun-controllers took away our freedom and safety, in the heart of the violent crime centers in America (Chicago, New York, DC, etc.), is beyond me. Since there is no evidence gun control reduces crime, I guess that shows how difficult it is to defeat liberal ideology with reason. You must win through the legislative process and making judges accountable. Fortunately, this is starting to happen. I hope in a decade or two I will be allowed to carry my gun in Chicago, but until then I guess you'll have to live someplace free like Texas.
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