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  Hiroshima backtalk
Why is it liberal are now trying to put forth the image that America is a awful war criminal for using the nuke. It ended the war. A surrender in 4 days. How else could we win a war better in 1944 technology. The death count was amazingly low considering the death toll at Iwo-gima, marianias turkey shoot, etc. Talk to the survivors from Dresden Germany, they'll tell you war is hell. Instant vaporation is better than the Burma death march, or the rape of Nanking. Compare our actions to the rest of the world and you "America haters" will see that even in our darkest hour, we were still outshining the world. Hindsight is 20/20. Fairy-tale make-belive lands of what-ifs and could'ves is liberal-land. Ask the Filipinos, or S.Koreans, or W.Chinese of 1946 about the bomb. Its easy to speculate in the safety of our livingrooms but in a tent in a jungle under Imperial Japanese rule would change your point of view drastically.
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