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  Britan: Boys gone wild
A gang is causing havoc on Bestwood's Padstow playing fields. THEO USHERWOOD reports

The kids aged between 14 and 16, take credit for acts including: fire-bombing cars, using said cars as flaming missles of death, Grand theft auto, robbery, burglry, trespassing, vandalizing public property etc. Since January 2004 fire-fighters have been called to Padstow fields, Gainsford Crescent and Langford Crescent 83 times.

My favorites are, they sent a car into the gates of Henry Whipple School and the preist, "a prisoner in my own vicarage." Mrs Morris, 60, said: "We phone the police every single day. The kids want you to phone - they give themselves so many points for a fire engine or police officer."

Is it against the law to kick some punk's ass in England? Runover by junior-highschoolers.
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