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  Peaceful Muslims?
alt173 brings up a valid point, "where are the peaceful muslims standing up and taking action against the attrocities commited in the name of their religion." I'm not going to say that there are no peaceful muslims, there are probaly millions of them. But I have to belive its the likes of the peace treaty the Nazi's signed with Soviet Russia. The great "Peaceful Nazis" creating peace with their former enemy. I belive history showed us what Nazi peace was worth, would Muslim peace be any different? I have bring to light "al-Hudaybiyah."

"Hudaybiyah is a small oasis between Mecca and Medina where Muhammad fought a battle in the early years of Islam. When he saw he was fighting a losing battle, Muhammad signed a strategic 10-year peace agreement with the Quraish tribe who lived in Mecca. Two years later, when his forces were stronger and the Meccans were living securely and off their guard, Muhammad marched into the city and captured it. "

In Islam there is a principle known as Takiya, the right to fake peace when you are weak for the purposes of defeating your enemy when you are stronger. The very basis of their faith makes them un-trustworthy, dis-honorable and basicly weasels. How can there be peace with peoples whose underlying principle is to lie cheat murder and steal?
Well that quote about "al-Hudaybiyah" and Takiya cinches it. We would be foolinh to believe any promises of peace from these blood-thirsty terrorists.

My point was that Peace in word is not the same as peace in deed. But given this Takiya principle, the 'deed' would also be unreliable.

What options are we left with? Either you're truly on the sideof peace, or you're not.

I calls'em how I sees'em. I just make sure to look real, REAL good. I guess thats why I'm not a professional reporter.

I advocating a bufferzone like with N. Korea, after of course, we retake Constantinople.

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