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  Oliver Stone blames American youth for "Alexander"s poor performance
Oliver Stone can't understand why Americans don't what to see liberal propaganda films. Of couse he dishes out the blaim to someone else:

"America's youth misunderstanding ancient history."

Ahh.. The great liberal mantra, its not my fault, your not understanding me correctly.

"They don't see it as separate cultures that in some cases had stronger values than ours."

Strong values for sure, but take a look at these examples of their values, values that I find atrocious, or horribly out of date to say the least. Is what people want to see, values that Stone appatently feels more valid than our own. Why doesn't he try to make a movie to the values of the potential consumers? I though thats what a comercial movie was all about? I guess he too busy rewriting history for his next film to worry about that. A film to promote repression and restricted freedom in support of a Stalinist state.

"Stone concedes that it is primarily a platform for Castro to explain the thinking and motives behind his crackdown on dissidents the last two years"

Its nice to see the primary mouthpiece of our closest communist neighbor is so well known. I hope Stone doesn't vote, being such an ardent supporter of dictatorships and such. Oh wait, they have a "Elected Dictatorship" don't they? He also feels the need to let everyone know

"He[President Bush] was the wrong leader at the wrong time. I always felt that. I wish I was wrong."

I'm glad to see this commie promoting, nambla promoting, homosexuality promoting, slave promoting, terrorist promoting , "asynetos" man can say something is wrong. Its just too bad he's to ignorant to identify the very threats to his own liberty.

I know, let's make Lincoln gay, or Washington gay, or Julius Caesar gay, or Castro gay. There's a reason why no-one wants to hear that crap. I guess people didn't learn that re-writing history only works in certain places.
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