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  Media hypocrisy. To the extreme
NYTimes "author" Nicholas D. Kristof feels the need not only to blame the Bush administration, but also the US media for shameful passivity in the face of genocide in Darfur.

"Still, it seems hypocritical of me to rage about Mr. Bush's negligence, when my own beloved institution - the American media - has been at least as passive as Mr. Bush."

I'm glad so see him acknowledge there's plenty of blame to go around, its just too bad he fails to realize the true sources of these problems, Muslim genocide, and the liberal need to not interfear. In his own writing he advocates doing exactly the opposite of what he says when concerned with DPRK. Genocide in Africa is wrong, so wrong in fact he blames the Pope, but genocide in North Korea. What to do about that, the "thuggish little dictatorship"? Negotiations, of course, negotiations. Negotiating like we did for no nuclear weapons, no more illegal kidnappings, respecting air and navitime treaties, hardly: I laugh at you sir. You can't force peace and the end of a carrot. Either you let genocide run rampant in the world or you go over there and do something about it.

The Democratic party is too stuck in the mindset of "new era of alliances... based on mutual respect and shared vision" to ever even think if maybe some aren't worthy of an alliance. Of course we all see what an alliance with democrats is worth anyway. While there too busy finding common cause with The PLO, Islamic Jihad, and such, millions are being slaughtered all around the world. I would love to hear about some of this mutual respect, respect with genocidal madmen and this vision? They speak "of the Vision" but there is nothing to see. A vision of a blank slate, a gap, an absence of content.

The use of military force was required here in the US to bring the hate under control, I would expect no less in any other part of the world. I mean jeez people, General Sheridan was given control of Louisiana two years after the "end" of the US civial war.
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