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  Losing the world one church / temple at a time
Ever herd of the Hagia Sophia? It had been identified with the Ecumenical Patriarchate for more than one thousand years. It was the Great Church of Christ. It was described as magnificent monument, a landmark of human creation, and identified with one of the greatest epochs in the history of the human race. Few Christians know of this greatest of churches built by the Catholic church and none have held service in it in 500 years. Why you might ask? It was in Constantinople. On Tuesday, May 29, 1453, Sultan Mehmet entered the city and rode to the Hagia Sophia. He was amazed at its beauty and decided to convert the Cathedral into his imperial mosque.

Think that kind of stuff only happens in the past?
Is no place safe? If they can't steal it they'll probly just blow it up. Like so, or so...,or even so... Only happens in the past you say?.
I guess that's the "shared vision" democrats keep talking about.
If you can't respect the religion of others how can they respect you. I am not the bigger man. I will never turn a blind eye to the disgraces of a atrocious "religion."

Oh and by the way, in Saudi Arabia, the mightly home of Islam,
Forginers are not allowed to bring even a personal Bible into the country. Any Bible found entering Saudi Arabia will be confiscated and desecrated (burned). In September 1993, Sadeq Mallallah, 23, was beheaded in Qateef on a charge of apostasy for owning a Bible (WSJ 5/20/05 pg. A14.)

Crusades might not be the such a bad idea. It may be the only way to save the world from Muslim destruction. They spit insults of our crusades yet their own stated goals in the present are no different (holding a Muslim grave is enough to steal a location). At least we got over it in 1669. But if that is the way of the world, we must respond, not sit idley by as the west falls again. Saint George where are you when we need you?
Crusades might not be the such a bad idea. It may be the only way to save the world from Muslim destruction.

We certainly can have a different perspective on the crusades in the post-9/11 world, particularly with the two recent London Bombings.

Where are the "peaceful Muslims" standing up and taking action against the attrocities commited in the name of their religion?

I agree that there are "peaceful muslims" out there. I'm gonna do a full post on this. You should check it out.
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