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  Happsburg Lipp
The lovely Denise askes, what the "Hapsburg Lip." Well, the easiest description I can give is it's a genetic fat lower lip. To be a little more scientific, its an autosomal dominant trait passed on throught the bloodline resulting in a protruding lower lip/jaw area. Hapsburg was/is an area in Germany where all kinds of middle/dark ages rulers came from. Notables include; the first one to have it, Maximilian I; the Holy Roman Emperor, King of Bohemia, King of Hungary , Rudolf II; and Charles II of Spain who had the most pronounced case of the Hapsburg lip on record (his jaw was so deformed he was unable to chew, was mentally retarded and impotent. Most likely from the rampant inbreeding so comman in the royal families back in the day.) It would, in theory, be the same as the hemophilia pedigree of the descendents of Queen Victoria of England. Its looks like either someone busted you in the lower lip, you've got some dip in, or your sticking your tounge out while keeping your lips shut. The bottom lip itself isn't actually swollen, I think its just a fatty tissue deposit and a jaw bone protrusion. It starts at just above the bottom lip edge and extends halfway down the chin in that area outside the mouth cavity infront of the lower gums. Like hemophilia, it has spread out into the world's gene pool and normal folks have the trait now to. It must be rare becaue rarely do I see someone with it, and few people know of it. Nobel Laureates Erwin Schroedinger(his cat) mentions it in 1944's What is Life?, and James Watson refers to it in DNA: The Secret of Life. If your attentive and live in a big city you might find someone with it every once and a while. I did see a really nice looking girl one day on the orange line metro to DC with an awesome Hapsberg Lip. I would have liked to go talk to her but I'm sure "I think your Hapsberg lip is awesome" is a pretty woeful pickup line and would have warrented a slap .

The only real pic I could find is this, not very good but it does shows the lower mouth area swelling.

If you ever get busted in the lower lip area and someone asks you what happened you can tell them, "nothing happened to me man, its my Hapsberg Lip." Also refered to sometimes as the hapsberg jaw.
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