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  France is getting the job done.
"France announced the summary expulsion of a dozen Islamists "

Its nice to see that some of those whom preach hate and murder are finally getting removed from our society. I hate to say it, but the French have seen this before! Its just too bad that many are too concerned about defended criminal hatemongers than those who want to destroy them.

"As long as young people feel they have no hope but to blow themselves up you are never going to make progress."

It's funny too see those give up what we fought so hard for. Global Britain?: Global mollycoddling is more like it. And yes, we have seen this before, from the same place no less.

"Mrs Blair argued that judges' power to overrule elected legislatures was vital to achieve 'true, inclusive democracy.'"

Apparently Mrs. Blair doesn't know the definition of the word democracy. Oh she's promoting the great US democrats ploy: Unelected Judgeocracy aka a Dictatorship. Where as long as you tote the party line your fine, cross them, and rights no longer apply to you. The "hope" of peace? What about the "hope" of an election to let the people fix the problem. Those with a brain would undoubtly see the results. God save the Queen cause Allah won't. Richard The Lionheart, must be rolling in his grave. I just have to remember we've saved Australia, Japan, and others before. We'll be doing it again soon.

Britain, bow down to your Judgeocracy. Where the law school elite override majority rule. Have fun! I do wonder: How many more will die before the real body count is higher than the theoretical, esoteric bodycount they were designed to prevent.

A Good quote:
"I can assure you that nothing this Government does now or in the future will put at risk the fundamental stability that we have achieved"
Chancellor Gordon Brown.
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