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The Dolchstoßlegende or Dolchstosslegende, (German "dagger-thrust legend", English as "stab-in-the-back legend") refers to an order of thought in post-World War I German that lay blame for the loss of the war upon non-Germans and non-nationalists factions inside their own government.

"No Allied soldiers had stepped foot on German soil, and German troops stood in fact before Paris in the West, and had signed the Peace of Brest-Litovsk with Russia in the East."

"There were also enormous war reparations to be paid for a period of 70 years (until 1988). From a propaganda perspective, perhaps the most important aspect of the treaty was the War Guilt Clause, which forced Germany to accept complete responsibility for the war."

"These 'November criminals', nationalists alleged, had 'stabbed them in the back' on the homefront"

It seems who's stabbing who now? Wouldn't, as the senate's #2 Democrat, that be like Fritz Sauckel saying he's not really a Nazi? The Nuremberg judges didn't think so.
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