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  Close to 3,800,000 Vietnamese lost their lives from political violence
In all the Vietnam stories getting throw around, the brutality and such, I came across these interesting facts:

"3,760,000 Vietnamese probably died of political violence during over forty-two years 45-87. Some 1,250,000, or over 33 percent of them were murdered. This does not count Laotians and Cambodians killed by Vietnamese governments, virtually all by Hanoi."

Before the Americans got there:

"For the years 1945 to 1956 the Vietnamese communists likely killed 242,000 to 922,000 people. Above this range I show two other estimates of these dead (lines 344 and 345), one at 700,000 and the other at 500,000 dead. Both are contained within the range at which I arrived."

And when the US got there:

"there was throughout American involvement a background of small level atrocities and massacres. Given the extent and nature of this war for Americans, it seems that a low of near 25 Vietnamese so murdered per month is probably a rock bottom figure, especially considering that this is less than one such killing per day for all American ground action in all of South Vietnam. This low amounts to 2,000 Vietnamese killed"

Oh the HORROR! But wait, we were not alone:

"Other South Vietnamese allies also committed democide, specifically S. Korean troops. As with the estimates of American democide, estimates for the Koreans are usually from propaganda issued by North Vietnam and the National Liberation Front, although there is independent evidence that some democide was committed. I estimate a low of 3,000 Vietnamese murdered, which also takes into account possible democide not given in the sources. "

"Summing these various estimates gives us a total American democide of around 4,000 to 10,000 Vietnamese, or a likely 5,500. One way of judging whether this figure is way too low or high is to look at it as a monthly ratio to American troop strength. For the seven years of war 1965 to 1971, American troop strength averaged 365,571 personnel. This means that by bombing, shelling, and during ground combat, the equivalent of about one Vietnamese per month was murdered for every 5,583 American military personnel. This ratio seems about right, given the known atrocities and massacres, the indiscriminate bombing and shelling that did occur, and the confessions about killing POW's or those trying to surrender, all juxtaposed against the early insufficient but later extensive attempts by the High Command to limit such killing, hold soldiers and officers responsible for such acts, and better publicize rules of engagement that would protect civilians."

O, but for sure, everything was wonderful once the "Great American Satan" was gone:

"The estimated range of refugees killed in one case (line 454) may seem relatively high but is probably conservative. Of the 200,000 refugees that fled the Highlands offensive by the North in March 1975, only 45,000 made it to Tuy-Hoa. Many of the 155,000 missing were killed by North Vietnamese troops"

"Finally, I can calculate the overall democide of Vietnam in the post-Vietnam War period. This amounts to 346,000 to 2,438,000 Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians, probably about 1,040,000. "

Liberal keep carrying on about Iraq being the next Vietnam. It very well could be, millions dead after we abandoned them. This is what happens when we abandon the spread of democracy, human rights and freedom. When crybabies take the deaths of a few and distort them for there own political gain, innocent millions die.
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